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KÀRMATY is a way of facing life in the modern world.
It is undeniable that this society is slowly depriving us of all those values that belong to the “subtle” world: perception, sensitivity, intuition, compassion, empathy…
It is promoting our material intelligence at the expense of our emotional intelligence.

And that’s just not okay!
At least not to me!

Because I’m realizing that I’m more and more surrounded by wild boars, and not in a literal sense because I live in Sardinia, two-legged boars that reason according to primitive rules of survival instinct in which anger and violence are the masters.

And that’s not good at all!

KÀRMATY is an invitation… to nourish, to increase the “subtle” world of each of us and to bring it and adapt it to our physical, real world.
Today we have infinite possibilities to get closer to the idea we have of ourselves and move further and further away from being the missing link in the evolutionary chain. I have been doing this for over 20 years and continue to do so.
Attendance and online courses, direct, Gurus, Witches, Magicians, Coaches…you name it.
It’s all good, everyone chooses their own mode when they feel the need to evolve, I can even suggest a few paths.
These are choices you make, for better or worse, meeting Masters or Monsters…it’s all part of the game and how much we still have to learn.

And it must be done!
Because immobility creates boars!!!

I really won’t be the one to tell you who is good or who is monster, if you are right or wrong.
It’s not my role and I can’t do it either, I’m not God who’s there to judge the living and the dead.
Please, I don’t have time to be so perfect that I can judge even flies let alone human beings…

KÀRMATY was born to help you bring all the “spirituality” and awareness you are accumulating, back to a more earthly level.
It doesn’t matter if the Guru on duty tells you that to feel good you must meditate 5 times a day.
When does a working mother with two children and maybe a shred of a hobby have the time to do 5 meditations a day?
Maybe it went well for him/her but for you?
I know very few people, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, who actually do what they tell you to do.

Modern Society is incompatible with a totalitarian take on the concept of Spirituality, especially (let me tell you) if you are a Woman.

KÀRMATY helps you find the earthly dimension of your Spirituality.
Stones are beautiful, they are powerful…and I will teach you how to use them.
But do you really believe that a stone can solve life’s problems?
If it does I swear I will make a monument to you.
But it won’t, it will help to focus the point, to find the determination but who in the end will have to DO, that will be you.

That’s what KÀRMATY is.
An aid in the concrete vision of your spirituality.
A ready-made, streetwise spirituality… because in the end, even kneading ravioli is a form of meditation 🙂 .

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